"Non, Je ne regrette rien!"
Champagne, canapés & continental soirees at our French Cabaret!
"It [was] a marvellous night… for a Moondance!"
Or, so our very attractive and interactive audience tells us!
"…Then outta the hat, it's that big first night!"
A standing ovation for the ANGELVOICES "Swingin' It" show at The Vanguard.
"Look down, look down, you're here until you die!"
Rehearsals for the ANGELVOICES "Les Mis" medley.
The First ANGELVOICES Original Opera!
Our director was approached to manage a brand new operatic commission! The poetry book “Shooting Ghosts” by Biasino Pezzimenti will be turned into a film opera composed by IHOS Opera’s Konstantine Koukias and wotOpera’s Peter Aoun.
The First Official ANGELVOICES Co-production!!
In 2015 ANGELVOICES is joining with the internationally acclaimed IHOS Music Theatre & Opera to produce the Sydney premiere of Konstantine Koukias' immersive chamber opera "Kimisis". Irene Sarrinikolaou will be singing the principal role in the avant garde production, that creates an intimate and ritualististic experience of the Dormition of the Virgin Mary. Join us in late March at the Verge Gallery, Sydney University, for a strictly limited season of this evocative work. Click Here To Book Now!
"Swingin' It" Fundraiser for Australian Play "The Plot".
We are passionate about supporting artists in whatever way we can, and in November, we staged a mammoth fundraiser to assist with production costs of the Australian premiere of The Plot - a new play by Evdokia Katahanas. With the audience up and swinging with our cast of 22, and a generous donation made to the project, we'd say the evening was not only a swinging, but a roaring success!
"Quite Continental"
Rehearsals for our fundraising cabaret: Quite Continental are going beautifully. We will be taking you back to Paris for a private bohemian party in the early 20th century. An era of high glamour, dark humour, to which we are adding: a soprano-in-drag, a defenceless accordionist, an ostrich feather fan... and your favourite French songs.
Pre-production for an EP!
Daniel and I have been working on the pre-production for my first EP. We’re all frightfully busy with other projects, but in the coming months we will be recording a few of my favourite Italian arias. I’m very excited!
Opera Project Photo Shoot.
We are very close to assembling the cast of choice for our first opera project! I mustn't say too much but it appears as though we will have our bass, tenor and dramatic soprano in the same city at the same time! This means that we may be able to perform a very special concert version of one of opera's masterpieces in late November this year. We've started work on the promotional photography already.